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Where to Begin When Packing for a Move

It’s best to begin packing as soon as you’re aware that you’re going to be moving. Packing can be time consuming and overwhelming, but there’s no need to put it off to the last minute. Check out these helpful tips on where to begin when packing for a move.

Gather Supplies

A trip to the store to purchase moving supplies will save you time later. Purchase a few plastic, clear containers and boxes of assorted sizes.

You may be compelled to gather large boxes because you think it will be easier to pack a lot at once. This idea can be counterproductive because large boxes will be heavy and more difficult to transport.

Purchase colored rolls of masking or packing tape, colored permanent markers, transparent tape, string, and packing labels. These supplies will make packing easier and more organized.

Storing Boxes

What if you want to begin packing but you aren’t moving for another 4 months? Even if you are moving sooner, you will need a spot to safely store boxes and containers once they are packed.

Renting a small storage space is one option that may work for you. Choose one that is climate controlled to protect your items. Using a storage space gets boxes out of your way and makes it easier to feel accomplished.

Consider renting a moving pod that will be delivered to your driveway and moved to your new location when you notify the pod movers. This is even better than a storage space because it only requires moving the boxes once in to the pod and once in to the new home.

You can choose an empty room in your house as the storage room. Clean everything else from the room and get it ready for storage. Remember to leave a walkway once you begin placing boxes in the room. If you have a secure garage or basement, you may choose to use these to store packed boxes.

First to Pack

Use the clear containers you purchased to store items you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your new home. Items you may want to include are scissors, a box cutter, first aid supplies, trash bags, paper towels, cleaning materials, and a few candles.

It’s a good idea to pack one container with paper plates, plastic utensils, condiments, and small snack items. Toss in phone chargers, pens and notepads. Place these containers in a safe spot that is easy to access.

When you arrive at your new home, you’ll want to bring these containers in first. Decide on a central area to be used as a work center. Let everyone know where this center is and use it to make things less chaotic during all the action that day.

Planning Saves Time

Match rooms in the new house with different colors of tape. Use that color tape to mark each box as you pack. When you get to the new house, place a strip of that colored tape on the door of the room that matches the box. Attach labels that alert people to the contents in each box. This helps things get where they are supposed to with less effort. A box with a label that says canned goods will get placed near the pantry instead of across the room. Make sure you place labels on the sides of boxes so they can be seen when boxes are stacked.

Get a Pro

This may sound like more work than you have time to do with all the other tasks on your calendar. Consider hiring a professional moving company to help you get ready for the big move. Check with a real estate professional like Ashley Kimble Slaughter to get advice on reputable movers in the area. Keep in mind that you will still want to pack your clear essentials boxes. You even want to pack fragile items yourself.

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