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Closet Tips for Staging Your Home

Closets can become a no man’s land of useless items and worn out shoes because we toss items in there and forget about them. This is an area a seller may overlook because it isn’t a thought until they see the potential buyer reaching for the closet door. These closet tips for staging your home should help you get those closets under control in no time!

Closet Cleaning

Before you can begin to stage your closet so that it appeals to potential buyers, you need to remove everything from the space. This job might take some time. Set aside a weekend day to tackle one of more closets in your home. If you have a family or friends that can help you, set each person to work on a specific closet. Include the kitchen pantry, the bathroom closets, the linen closet, bedroom closets, the entryway closet, and any other closets in the home.

Resist the urge the start going through the items. Grab your cleaning bucket and get to work inside the closet. Wipe down shelves and hanger bars. Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor of the closet. Don’t forget to wipe down the walls and the door.

Closet Readiness

Before you begin sorting through the items in the closet, get it ready for organizational success and a pleasant appearance. Hanger bars can sag under the weight of clothing. Remove any sagging hanger bars and replace them with new, sturdy bars.

Decide which kind of hangers you’ll use to stage the closet. If you want to appeal to luxury buyers or buyers who place neatness at the top of their checklist, choose wooden or velvet hangers for your clothing. They are impressive when a buyer first opens that closet door and make everything look cohesive.

If you don’t already have one, purchase a shelf or rack for shoes. Having your shoes neatly organized makes a good impression and keeps the closet from looking cluttered.

Get Rid of Clutter

This is the perfect time to get rid of clutter that’s collected in your closets. Start by going through your clothing with an objective eye. Pack up clothing that you no longer wear and donate them to a charity. Begin placing your clothing back inside the closet, using the hangers you’ve chosen for staging. Organize your clothing by style and use. Organize your clothing by color in each style grouping. For example, have all suits hanging together. Place dark suits at one end and move down to lighter suits.

Go through your shoes. Again, get rid of any shoes you no longer wear. Don’t be afraid to toss out that old pair of faithful tennis shoes with the hole in the toe. You need a new pair, and a potential home buyer doesn’t need to see your old shoes. If you absolutely must keep them, box them up and place them in your packing area.

For bathroom closets, get rid of half used bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Keep towels and wash cloths neatly folded and placed in the closet according to color and use. Do the same with linen closets.

Keep things neat on the shelves in your closets. Often, upper shelves are neglected and random items get tossed there because they don’t have a specific destination. Place items on these shelves with a purpose in mind.

Hire Someone Else

If it all sounds like too much to handle, you can always rely on your real estate professional for tips and advice for staging your closets. They will also know people who stage homes professionally. For some people, hiring someone else to clean and stage the home is the best option.

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